Systems Integration

As a multi-national imaging and informatics solutions leader, we have taken a natural next step into the systems integration space.

We are now the only endoscopic camera vendor offering the full spectrum of image generation, systems integration, and image enablement technologies—capturing the full clinical value chain.

The realization of the Fujifilm Systems Integration offering will allow our providers to better integrate all imaging technologies.

Image Generation - Systems Integration - Image EnablementEnlarge

Our comprehensive image management solutions enhance both clinical and IT workflows, bringing economic value to administrative staff as well as to hospital architects and equipment planners. This data-driven integration provides the visibility needed to achieve the highest levels of patient care.

Integrating systems in the OR and Interventional suites

Our Fujifilm Systems Integration offering is designed specifically for image and data integration in the operating room (OR) and interventional suites, and acts as the connector between Fujifilm’s medical image capture products and Synapse Enterprise Imaging portfolio for image storage, management, viewing and analytics technologies.

Full integration through Fujifilm IT solutions

Utilizing IP network infrastructure, Fujifilm Systems Integration enables the collection and routing of data from disparate sources to multiple destinations through a single user interface. A vendor-neutral platform, our solution allows for increased control of all images and video in operating rooms and endoscopic.

Harnessing the power of data-driven integration

Be it the endoscopic camera, imageguided ultrasound, current or historic CT/MR images, or a plethora of other image and patient data generating systems, Fujifilm Systems Integration solutions allow clinical and IT staff on-demand access, control, viewing and storage of data. Data-driven integration provides the visibility needed to achieve the highest levels of patient care.

Providing a unified approach

Fujifilm Systems Integration is a highly flexible and configurable solution facilitating the historic review of images from the PACS/VNA, the simultaneous recording of the current patient’s endoscopic or ultrasound image, the potential to forward images and videos to multiple 4K quad-view monitors within the room itself, or to pass on data to external health information systems such as VNA, PACS, and EMR systems, quickly and easily. Spend more quality time with your patients and less time worrying about searching, saving and routing.