For over four decades, Fujifilm has provided leading technology to improve patient outcomes. Every year, the advanced endoscopic technology tools we put in physicians' hands touch millions of lives.

Advanced imaging techniques help make examinations effective and efficient for clinicians and technicians.

Innovative engineering

Fujifilm endoscopy products are designed to improve patient outcomes, cost and operational efficiency.

We have remained at the forefront of many "firsts", pushing the boundaries of endoscopic imaging technologies with the goal of changing lives.

We were the first company to engineer the Double-Balloon Endoscopy system – supporting physicians to reach the entire small bowel.

Our latest GI endoscopes with megapixel CMOS imaging technologies are designed to assist physicians in seeing unsurpassed detail and image clarity.

Fujifilm recently introduced ELUXEO™, a next generation endoscopic video imaging system. The new processor features 4 LED Multi-Light Technology, developed to achieve optimal results in illumination.

Our Sonart SU-1 PLATINUM is a state of the art compact endoscopic ultrasonic processor. Its intuitive ease-of-use functionality enables healthcare professionals to visualize internal body structures.

Continuous growth

Constantly striving to drive enhanced patient outcomes and healthcare efficiencies, our innovations have advanced new practices and introduced new technologies.

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