Fujifilm Systems Integration

Fujifilm is the only endoscopic camera vendor offering the full spectrum of image generation, systems integration, and image enablement technologies.
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Our comprehensive image management solutions enhance both clinical and IT workflows, bringing economic value to administrative staff as well as to hospital architects and equipment planners. This data-driven integration provides the visibility needed to achieve the highest levels of patient care.

Integrating systems in the OR and Interventional suites

Our Fujifilm Systems Integration offering is designed specifically for image and data integration in endoscopic suites, operating rooms and hybrid ORs, giving clinical and IT staff on-demand access, control, viewing and storage of data. We utilize robust VoIP network technology and offer versatile solutions for OR configurations, including in-wall consoles to eliminate clutter.

Providing a unified approach

Fujifilm Systems Integration acts as the connector between Fujifilm’s medical image capture products and Fujifilm’s Synapse Enterprise Imaging portfolio for image storage, management, viewing and analytics. Leveraging systems integration alongside medical informatics, clinical and IT teams have the ability to leverage our unique IT strengths . Our vendor neutral, data-driven integration enables workflow automation, surgical analytics and clinical decision support. Your legacy equipment is easily utilized with no additional costs to minimize any disruption to your capital budget cycle or existing equipment vendors.

Scalable and comprehensive portfolio of services

Fujifilm Systems Integration solutions that can be scaled to meet the needs of your specific clinical environment. Our comprehensive remote global services extend your team to solve problems before they occur, ensuring the stability and longevity of your investment. Spend more quality time with your patients and less time worrying about searching, saving, routing and troubleshooting.