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Fujifilm is closely monitoring the evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Learn how we are responding to this situation in order to minimize its impact on our workforce, employees, and the broader community.

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Our primary focus: improving outcomes for patients

Each patient's expectations for care, for treatments, for greater longevity are increasing exponentially. We live longer and our healthcare industries are taking on more and more responsibility for improving lives.

The entire patient care pathway

Every diagnostic instrument and utility, pharmaceuticals, or regenerative therapy we develop plays a particular role on the care pathway with an eye toward total healthcare covering prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Widening access to healthcare

As our diagnostic and treatment technologies develop, so too does the reach of patient care. Our devices, instruments, mobile systems and our pharmaceuticals are bringing clinical support to remote communities and ever closer to the point-of-care – the hospital bedside, the emergency room, the first response.

User friendly technologies are helping increase efficiency and patient throughput, changing the economics of healthcare. Patient comfort and assurance, as well as helping the flow of medical procedures, are a big part of the general well-being of patients, and our systems are designed particularly with this in mind.

As we move forward, the new era of regenerative medicine is in sight.

Pharmaceuticals are designed to address unmet medical needs and extend treatment care for regenerative medicine.

Our story

In 1936, Fujifilm launched its healthcare business with X-ray film. With the primary goal of improving patient outcomes, we continued to innovate and invest in digital radiography, endoscopy, ultrasound, healthcare IT, contract development and manufacturing, regenerative medicine and new drug development.

Visionary healthcare technologies

With an organization the size of Fujifilm and its various healthcare divisions, it seems inevitable that our focus is on the big picture: the efforts needed to make regenerative therapies a reality; the technologies needed to spread the reach of diagnostic imaging across continents and cultures; and the informatics to link it all up.

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