Regenerative medicine

There are still many diseases for which there are no effective treatments and millions wait in hope of new therapeutic discoveries. For diseases and congenital conditions that remain untreatable, the ability to grow human cells in a dish and use them to regenerate damaged tissue, fully restore function, and indeed grow entire organs is increasingly looking like a reality. 

Unparalleled scientific expertise

Cellular Dynamics International, Inc., a Fujifilm company, (CDI) offers induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and differentiated tissue-specific cells from an individual donor, starting with a standard blood draw.

Our proprietary manufacturing system produces billions of cells daily, resulting in inventoried iCell® products and donor-specific MyCell® products in the quantity, quality, purity, and reproducibility required for drug and cell therapy development.

Japan Tissue Engineering (JTEC), a Fujifilm company offers regenerative medicine products such as cartilage and epidermis in Japan. By combining Fujifilm’s recombinant peptide for scaffold materials for cell culture and high-level engineering technology, iPS cell technology of CDI and JTEC’s production technology will advance cures for the most devastating diseases.

Innovation at the cellular level

By generating iPSCs from people with diverse ethnic backgrounds and genetic conditions, and from those who have reacted poorly to certain drugs, scientists can gain a better understanding of how compounds will affect different people.

As an example, with the ability to screen drug candidates using iPSC-derived human heart cells, researchers can more easily discover new cardiac treatments and test drugs for toxic side effects.

Partnering with the best

By providing ready access to biologically relevant human cells through the application of iPSC technology, Fujifilm intends to exploit the full potential of iPSC derived human cells by partnering with experts in disease biology, assay development, patient advocacy, cell banking, and distribution.

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