New Drug Development

With our sights on helping patients along the entire care pathway, Fujifilm has made the significant investment required in research and development for success in the pharmaceutical industry.

Looking forward

Fujifilm is creating novel drugs with unique mechanisms of action to meet unmet medical needs focusing on cancer, infectious diseases and central nervous system diseases.

Fujifilm currently has clinical trials in the United States on anti-influenza, anti-cancer, and a drug for Alzheimer’s disease. The clinical trials for cancer drug candidates are underway at MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the world’s most distinguished facilities for cancer research and treatment. In the United States, the Alzheimer’s disease drug is being developed in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Cooperative Study.

In 2016, Fujifilm provided anti-influenza drug Avigan Tablet, one of the supplies procured by the Japanese government’s emergency grant aid to counter the outbreak of the Ebola Virus disease.

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